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About Me

LeSha (pronounced La-Shay )


I am natural light photographer based in Central Arkansas. I enjoy shooting portraits and styled shoots for products and businesses. My favorite thing about being an outdoor photographer is that, nature and a real landscape gives you the opportunity to truly enjoy your photo shoot, as well as provide a beautiful backdrop for your professional photo shoot.

I love the true color tones, glows and atmosphere nature provides, and you’re not able to get that from a department store photography company. I do, however, love the clean and simple look a studio photo shoot can give you, and will be able to provide that to my clients in the future.

If you are looking for something you have never experienced before and would love to have these beautiful lifestyle and interesting images to decorate your office or home, natural light professional photography is the way to go.

I also love to shoot in different areas of photography, so if you’d like to hire me, contact me and let’s discuss your vision.