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Cancellation Policy

Cancellations and reschedules are no charge provided they are done 24 hours in advance of the scheduled shoot date/time.


All appointments that are cancelled due to an emergency may be rescheduled. 


You have two attempts for rescheduling your portrait session.


If an appointment is cancelled, the client has up to 2 weeks to reschedule or they risk losing the deposit. 




Date Change -  If you have to change your date due to anything out of my control including illness, the change fee is just $25.

Cancellation -Once the session is started, there is no refund on the session fee.


Photographer Cancellation - No Charge, Full refund only up to the amount already paid for the session.



Inclement Weather

There will be times when the weather will be unpredictable. Living in Arkansas, you never can tell what season it is. Warm Winters, hot Springs, rainy Falls…lol.

Due to the unpredictability, I try my best to have options for when the weather gets bad. Sessions are generally scheduled on Saturdays, and I will reserve Sundays for inclement weather days.

If rain or snow isn’t falling, we can still plan on getting the shoot done, but my equipment isn’t weather proof and we wouldn’t want to mess up nice hair, makeup and outfits because of bad weather.

Please review the cancellation and weather policies below.


Inclement Weather Policy

If the photographer cannot perform due to fire, snow, rain or inclement weather, then the photographer shall return the session fee or reschedule with no further liability with respect to the session contract (see cancellation policy).


Here are the following options:

Reschedule date/time- Sundays are designated days for bad weather days and prepare to move your session to the following day as a precaution.

If a client schedules an appointment and then pays the session fee and chooses not to reschedule the session, then they lose the deposit.  If a client cancels more than twice, the photographer reserves the right to not make any further appointments.

Shoot in-home session- Who doesn’t love a beautifully lit, magazine worthy in home session? This is definitely an option for family portrait sessions.

Shoot an indoor session- There are options to shoot in designated locations around the city. There are several rustic and modern options to choose from that are indoors. Have a place in mind? I’m open to any and all suggestions.

(Studio photography is currently unavailable)*